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Who We Are

About Us

With an unwavering commitment to quality, class, and excellence, Algorithm Global LLC is one of the fastest-growing Indonesian-Ukrainian company that specializes in wholesale trade, travel & tourism, and software development. We take pride in leveraging our extensive years of experience, diverse skills, state-of-the-art technology, and reliable supply sources coupled with a trustworthy customer base to meet and exceed the challenges of business competition. Algorithm Global LLC offers an array of tours into the heart of Ukraine and Indonesia as well as in stimulating dynamic growths in businesses. We utilize an effective and efficient process of communicating with our customers, thus we are able to work together with them to deliver products and services of the highest quality. Our pioneering spirit, dedicated people, and hands-on approach set us apart from our competitors.

Founded on strong business ethics and driven by a team of passionate individuals, Algorithm Global LLC places utmost priority on the professional development of each member of its team, creating core capabilities and skills that enable us to stay ahead of our peers in the field. Our innovative response to difficult problems enables us to gain a fresh new perspective to problem-solving. At Algorithm Global LLC, we pride ourselves in communicating honestly and building relationships with our customers as this is a big part of who we are. We understand that transparency and trustworthiness are vital elements in retaining and creating successful future business relationships and thus, we strive to conduct all our activities in a transparent and trustworthy way. Our long-term partnership with our clients coupled with the number of client referrals that we get shows the level of satisfaction that our clients derive from our services.

Who We Are

Vision & Mission

Be a global leader in vertically integrated service industry by providing superior quality products and services focused on our customers’ demands and needs through continuous innovation.

Our Mission
  • To Provide Innovative And Sustainable Solutions Through Products And Services That Exceed Customer Expectations, Contributing To A Better Quality Of Life.
  • To Strive To Meet Our Customers’ Increasing And Diversified Demands While Providing Timely Updates On Trends In Market Dynamics.
  • To Provide Fast, Safe, Reliable, And Dependable Traveling Services To Our Diverse Customer Base.
  • To Minimize Traveling Risks While Maximizing Comfortability.
What We Do

Our Special Services

Travels & Tourism

Algorithm Global LLC offers the most progressive, full-fledged corporate travel and wellness programs to Ukraine and Indonesia. We provide travel planning, consultancy, and VIP travel services. As individuals who love traveling and hold a lot of training and experience in the areas of travels and tour, Algorithm Global LLC is fully committed to meeting all your traveling needs and guarantees a safe and comfortable arrival or departure to any part of Ukraine and Indonesia. We have a team of friendly and professional experts who ensure that you get the most existing, memorable, innovative and intriguing experience throughout your stay. We leverage our contagious passions for traveling and endless traveling knowledge in setting the standard for professionalism and reliability to our customers. We ensure you enjoy every bit of your tour. Right from the moment, we welcome you till the time you bid farewell; we ensure that you receive the most personalized and sophisticated services. Our burning desire to satisfy our customers, as well as our willingness to go the extra mile to put a smile on our customers’ faces, sets us apart from our peers in the traveling industry. At Algorithm Global LLC, we elevate the experiences of customers through the provision of seamless, comfortable and timely services.

Software Development

Algorithm Global LLC develops powerful,unique and sophisticated software intendedto meet the specific demands of ourclients. We have a number of dynamicpersonalities who have the right mix of theright visions, attention to detail, and resultfocused execution. Ranging from the smartcustomization of pre-developed platformsto the full-cycle software development,Algorithm Global LLC has the experienceneeded to deliver cost-effective and reliablesolutions that match your specific needs andrequirements. We offer excellent supportfor seamless project execution, qualityoutput, timely delivery and competitiverates. At Algorithm Global LLC, we utilizea collaborative approach to generate themost effective digital solutions. Our goal isto offer the best affordable services that willdifferentiate the business and brand of ourclients from the crowd and take them to thenext level.

Whosale Trade

As a full-fledged trading company, Algorithm Global LLC specializes in end to enddelivery of goods and services. We take pride in leveraging our extensive years ofexperience and reliable supply sources coupled with a trustworthy customer baseto meet and even exceed the challenges of the business sector. Our expertise andinternational contacts allow us to offer you the lowest prices possible on yourshipments & freight. Algorithm Global LLC has the experience and expertise neededto walk its clients through every step of the importation and exportation process. Wework with our customers to ensure the goods they are transporting are packagedproperly to ensure safe travel. We also work closely with our worldwide agents toensure all customs paperwork is properly filled and all regulations are strictly adheredto, thus reducing the time it takes for them to get their cargo where it needs to go. AtAlgorithm Global LLC, we focus on ensuring that your products are brought to marketfaster by reducing lead times. We track your freight through every step of the process,from loading to unloading. Our wholesale trade categories encompass Agriculture,CPG, Military, and Defense.

Why Choose Us

The Reasons Why

Experience And Expertise

Algorithm Global LLC has a team of professionals with years of experience in the industry who are uniquely positioned to offer quality, cost-effective and practical solutions to clients in various industries. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to deliver exactly what our customers need and even exceed their imagination.


At Algorithm Global LLC, we consistently deliver high-quality services to a diverse and successful client base with the sole aim of achieving their desires. Thousands of clients look up to us for innovative and professional guidance on various trading, operational and traveling needs.


Algorithm Global LLC offers customized packages that allow our travelers to explore sights according to their specifications at a personalized pace and time. We are open and our clients can see through every bit of our decisions.

Time And Value

Algorithm Global LLC ensures that you get value for your money. We negotiate the best rates with hotels, expert guides, as well as the airlines we partner with. Another thing which we offer that is quite priceless is time. You save a great deal of time by entrusting us with the task of shipping your goods or planning your trips.

Who We Are

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