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Security & Communication System


Monitoring of sessions of all traffic types in personal system of a satellite communication with their subsequent registration and processing


Interception System Of Iridium mobile communication system is unique system of personal telephone communication with service on worldwide.

Satellite Monitoring System

Automated system of signal analysis of satellite communication systems that monitoring of VSAT networks HNS (TES, PES, DirecWay), IDirect (Infinity, Evolution), Viasat (LinkWay, LinkStar).


IT Solution

Lab Malware

Has the methodology in observing and recognizing the Malware (Censor) Detecting System Data source, which is classified in Malware Packet Data (Pcaps File), Threat Alerts, Cyber Thread KB, Malware Type, etc.

Penetration Test

The process of Penetration Testing does not lend itself to automation and consequently, no automated tools exist that can perform an adequate security assessment of a custom-tailored application.


  • OSCP
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Cisco Security Expert
  • Checkpoint Security Expert

Covid-19 System

product appliance


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development enginee

Module & Development Enginee

Serves as a management application for desktop (web) and mobile applications launched and serves as a bridge for micro-services and data communications that occur. As an applica-tion service management for patching, updating and performance APIs accessed through the launched appli-cations.